Kickstarter Credits

The Bricks would like to express their thanks to our amazing Brickstarter backers. These fine people listed below are the reason that "Never Mind The Ologs" got made. That's right, it's their fault. But not only did they help to fund the band's expensive, esoteric (and in many factions downright illegal) rider, and not only are they all incredibly sexy people with exquisite taste, they also taught us something. Blah blah blah, the power of community, yeah all that stuff - but also they taught us that if you ask a bunch of LARPers "How would you like your name to appear?", you get the weirdest-looking list of people ever. May the Ancestors bless all of you, you complete mentalists.


Acbar Al Rashish
Naomi Adam
Anne Albrechtsen
Si Appleby
Dawn Arduini-Watson
Chris Ash
Martin Ashton
Shirley Austin

Dave 'Blam' Balaam
Jenny Barrett
Jo Bialan (aka Tink)
Boris the Librarian (twice deceased)
Nick Bradbeer
Bearded Brickliever
Alan Broun
Cheryl Brown
Chris Burl
Lilly Butterworth

The Crows of Albion

Haldana Dagsdottir
Gemma Dale
Van Dams
Matthew Davies
Vincenzo von Dorf
The Downeys
Clair Doyle
The Dupont Family
Sammy Dye


Jules F
Gwen Farrell
Pete and Alex Fishdougall
Mary Fitt
Hamish Frater

The Family Von Glyn
Robert Gobourn
James Goulding

Mr H
Jonathan Harden
Tom Harrison
Lizz Hawkins
Matt Hewitt
Hidden Armada
Hanrahan Highland
Daz Simba Hill
J Andrew Holmes
Natasha Hooper
Guy Hudson
Danny Sawyer Hutchinson


Birch von Krahestrom (Emily)

Stephen Langdon
Jez Lawrence
Max Lehmann
Danny Leitch
Tim Lewis
The Loffstadt Clan
Lo'Pan of Nihon (RIP)

Garret MacArmengar
Stef Macbeth
Liss Macklin
Willum R. McCaullich
Paul McGreal
Stefanie 'Liulfr' Mcilkenny
Iain McNeil
Warren Merrifield
Mipsy McTaff
Karl Morgan, Lord Whoremaster General of Albion
Karen Morrison

Deepti Nan
Nearly Enough Dice Podcast
Jam Norman

Patrick O'Brien
James Osborn

Danny Parker
Paul & Mandy
Claire Penberthy
Jak Perks
The one and only Pulverisin'-Prosecutin'-Plagarisin'-Pontificatin'-Pandemoniasin' Pillow!
Jerry Pringle

Annabella Reddy
Jake Riddoch
Jake "The Jiggybeast" Roberts
Nicky Robinson
"Crazy" Greg Rogers
Sarah Rose
Jayne Rowley
Runa (aka Helen Carey)

Wednesday S
Sue Savage
Dr. Professor Geff Science
Tean Shaw
Slowly Gets Keener
Gill Smart
James 'Mead' Smart
Heather Sparrow
St. Albans board games club

Jules T
Viktor Tepes
That paladin who ran off with Lester's wife
Luci Thompson
Pia Treitlein
James Trott
Sean Turner

Joanne Unsworth
Jason Upton

Sarah Wadelik
Mark Wheeler
Timothy Williams
Jon "Maddyn" Woodhouse
Philip Woods
Steph Wyeth

Gareth 'Icthus' Young