The Bricks

The Bricks

Welcome to the website of The Bricks, Erdreja's Premier Satirical Viking Folk supergroup!

The Bricks was formed in the Vanamoiinen Forest in Norsca in 1102. Its founding members were Tunar Bluefinsson, Lester, and Cassius. Since then, Tunar died and got replaced by Kasimir Svettirsson; Kasimir died and was replaced by Thorkal Gudbardsson, and Lester earned himself a surname and started calling himself Lester Starcraft, but the band basically sound the same. The band is named after the sack of highly-trained Norscan fighting bricks they take into battle.

The "New Wave of Norscan Satirical Viking Folk" sound was first pioneered by Tunar in his seminal work "Do You Speak Norscan?", and his follow-up "One on One with the Lady". At the time of the meeting in the Vanamoiinen, the Mordred Device (some kind of infernal machine dating back to the wars between the Elder and Younger races) had been reactivated, meaning that Incanting power would prematurely age, and eventually kill, members of the Elder Races. This led to two responses from The Bricks:

1 - Cassius decided to become the world's first "Incant-safe" Ancestor, side-stepping the issues that the Mordred Device had caused, and

2 - The Bricks decided to write a song about how it would probably be okay if all the Elder Races died, because actually humans were pretty cool.

The controversy from that song, and its subsequent banning, catapulted The Bricks into the limelight. Their heady mix of songs featuring a combination of jingoistic xenophobia, surrealism and smut proved to be a hit with (let's face it, pretty lowbrow) audiences both in Norsca and elsewhere. A legend was born.

The Bricks released their first earth-shattering collection of recorded music, A Brick Over Troubled Mortar back in 1104, to rapturous and gushing praise. To this day the album sets the standard for comedic barding. Lester followed up with an EP a few years later, recording a few Bricks songs on his own, because frankly getting the whole band back into the studio seemed too much like hard work. The result was pretty rubbish, truth be told. Finally, in 1114, after years of speculation about whether the world would see a "Difficult Second Album", the Bricks announced that they would run a "Brickstarter" to raise funds to record a true second album, entitled Never Mind The Ologs. The album was released in 1115, and it might even be better than the first one. Difficult Second Album is still in the works, but due to its difficulties will be released at some point after Never Mind The Ologs. Which makes ...Ologs the second album, which make Difficut Secon Albu-

Ah, never mind. The Bricks are available for weddings, funerals, and diplomatic incidents. They're here all weekend and they recommend that you try the veal.